About Us

We are a UK based mechanical CAD and product design service. Our services include:

  • Parametric CAD Modelling
  • Mechanical Design and Production Drawing output
  • Product Data Management (PDM) implementation:Tailored process development and procedure definition
  • Engineering Change Management: Practical implementation of Engineering change process and procedures to suit your companies need.
  • Clients in Renewable Energy, Marine Industry and Safety Equipment 

Parametric Modelling

Basically this means that your CAD and drawing data is all driven by the minimum number of parameters.

For example if you have a design that needs to be produced in different sizes, styles or configurations while keeping certain constants then we can help to develop parametric models and drawings that will allow you to produce bespoke products for your customers or develop a range of products in just a few clicks.

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Our prices are very competitive, we can charge hourly or project based depending on your requirements and we consider projects of all sizes.